It is our pleasure to present to you a collection of the highest quality businesses, organizations and professionals.  The Nubian Network, simply put, brings together the best of the best businesses, organizations and professionals and makes it easy as pie to find them.


The Nubian Network IS a membership based organization consisting of the highest quality businesses, organizations, professionals and consumers who are totally committed to the MissionVision and Goals of The Nubian Network AND who will do his or her part in ensuring the dream becomes a reality.

Our members cooperatively work together through collective and unified means to achieve economic, professional and political success as one community. Our members are visionaries, decision makers, and progressive people who are willing to take personal responsibility to persevere together until The Nubian Network’s MissionVision and Goals are a reality.  Our members are a group of positive people who are excited and anxious to collectively work to help those in our community live up to our full potential and possibilities.

The Nubian Network promotes our members using the latest and most innovative technology and the largest broadcasting mediums available. The Nubian Network strives to ensure that our members have adequate exposure, recognition and attention so that everyone who desires to support them will be able to locate them and understand the services and products they offer.

The Nubian Network not only includes the best and brightest businesses and organizations, but our membership consists of the best and brightest professionals also.  Our membership includes the best licensed professionals such as lawyers, judges, engineers, architects, real estate professionals, doctors, dental professionals, nurses, social workers, certified public accountants, therapists, counselors, project managers, pilots, etc. Our membership includes the best of those with special training, education or certification such as college professors, IT professionals, business consultants, tax preparers, professional writers/editors, wedding planners, movie or music producers, personal trainers, human resource professionals, construction professionals, financial planners, etc.  Additionally, our membership base includes individuals who offer services as a full-time enterprise or as a side gig like musicians and DJ’s, handymen, graphic or website designers, caterers, freelance writers and bloggers, massage therapists, piano teachers, photographers, mobile notaries, artists, cosmetics salespersons, little league team owners, mechanics, those who give golf lessons, and on and on and on. In a nutshell, all professionals who are at the top of their game, can actively play a role in our mission while reaping the benefits of membership.



We actively recruit only the best of the best Business Owners, Professionals and Organization Leaders.


We join together members who become part of an exclusive family all focused on one mission and vision.


We use the most innovative technology and the largest broadcasting mediums to promote our members.


We facilitate opportunities to empower our members’ through collective and group economics.


We ensure our members receive discounts, promotional items, exclusive access and free stuff.


In our opinion, becoming a member of The Nubian Network will be one of the best decisions of your life, but you must be ready for what is expected of you as a member. Therefore, we need to ensure that you understand what The Nubian Network is NOT as well!

  • Although The Nubian Network is primarily a community-based organization, The Nubian Network is NOT for businesses and professionals who only service clientele within our community. As a matter of fact, our goal is to ensure that most of our Nubian Network business members will become large enough to have a global presence and will provide goods and services to all people.
  • The Nubian Network is NOT a listing of ALL businesses, organizations or professionals in our community. In a perfect world, everyone who applies for membership would be qualified to become a member of The Nubian Network. Unfortunately, not everyone who applies for membership or wants to be listed is capable of being accepted because of the requirement to provide only the highest quality products and services.
  • The Nubian Network is NOT about hating any other groups of people, seeking approval from any other groups of people or looking for help from any other groups of people, and we will not defend ourselves to any other groups of people for supporting and helping one another. Bottom Line – The Nubian Network has nothing to do with any other groups of people. Ultimately, it is about a group of committed people who are focused on community building, self-empowerment, equality and responsibility, period.
  • If you have come to see what The Nubian Network can do for you or your business, you have come to the wrong place. Members are positive people who are not angry or disgruntled. Members of The Nubian Network are required to take the Membership Pledge, be willing to live up to the Code of Conduct and attend an Informational Session prior to becoming a full-fledged member. THIS GOES FOR ALL MEMBERS: business owners, organizational leaders, politicians, artists, athletes, professionals and consumers. This way, everyone understands their roles; plus this will be the only way that we can become and remain successful and ensure that our members’ reputations are protected!!!