In addition to being a business, organization or professional member, you will also be a consumer, so ALL members including General Members (consumers) must take the first part of this pledge.

  • Raise your right hand, and take the following pledge:
  • As a member of The Nubian Network, I will

    • Take personal responsibility for building up our community and not rely on others or handouts,
    • Not openly or privately degrade, debase or criticize any fellow Nubian Network member,
    • Search within The Nubian Network membership base first to see if a fellow member offers the products or services before purchasing outside of the Network,
    • Shop with an expectancy of receiving quality products and services and with the assurance that I will be treated with respect,
    • Welcome the opportunity to receive the discounts or other member benefits offered to members only, and
    • Be an ideal customer, patient and understanding, showing respect, courtesy, and tact when patronizing business members.
  • As a business, organization or professional member, I will

    • Grant to The Nubian Network the approval to do various marketing, advertising, promotions and publicity campaigns on my behalf,
    • Understand that by virtue of my membership, The Nubian Network is approved to use my image, likeness, name, or business’s name on its website, in printed materials and in promotions,
    • Offer discounts or benefits which will be available to members only and ensure that those discounts are honored,
    • Deal honestly, fairly and with integrity to all customers (especially those referred to me by The Nubian Network),
    • Ensure that I offer and provide quality products and services,
    • Do my very best to service those from the increased business that will come my way, and if I cannot effectively handle the business, I will encourage others to utilize a fellow member in The Nubian Network, and
    • Make an honest attempt to ensure a satisfactory experience for my customers, but if any person provides a less than stellar review, I will make an effort to remedy their issue.