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The Platinum Business Member Profile


Platinum Business Members are those enterprises which have weathered the storms and the ins-and-outs of various business climates.  These enterprises will be very well-established and have “made it” without the help of The Nubian Network specifically.  Therefore, these enterprises will become members truly because they are interested in building up the community and paying it forward and not because of how membership can personally benefit them!

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    Platinum membership is what everyone will one day aspire to attain. The Platinum Member is the upper echelon of businesses, organizations and professionals. These entities are very well-established, have weathered various economic climates, and will most likely have been in business for 10+ years but, if not, will definitely have 10+ years of professional experience.

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    The Platinum Business Member will serve as the public face and thus will be a representative for all members. They will be the most prominent members, whose images and names will appear in commercials and promotional videos, be featured in print (newspapers, magazines, flyers), be featured on billboards, and may be mentioned in press and news coverage.

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    The Platinum Business Member will be ready and willing to take on the responsibility of making the dream happen. These members will have the most rigorous application process, but will enjoy the greatest benefits from Nubian Network membership.  Most importantly, the Platinum Business Member will easily understand the urgency and necessity to take our community and collective economic power to the next level.

The Executive Business Member Profile


Executive Business Members are businesses or organizations who has been in business for at least 2 years and have successfully overcome the growing pains of being new enterprise and have become a stable, dependable and growing entity.   As with the Platinum Business Member, these members are more interested in  building up the community and paying it forward than in seeking out personal opportunities.

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    The Executive Business Member is a business or organization who has been in business for at least 2 years and are established enough to have the know-how to provide good customer service and will be able to routinely offer quality products or services. After many years in operation, these members have perfected their craft and are currently able and ready to take their businesses and organizations to the next level.

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    The Executive Business Member will be stable and be in a position to successfully handle growth and, therefore, would be able to take on additional business. The Executive Business Member will be one that is ready and prepared for further expansion and growth and will be able to service the additional customer base that The Nubian Network can bring.

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    One of the most important characteristics that the Executive Business Member will possess is the abillity to clearly understand the urgency and necessity to take our community and collective economic power to the next level and will be willing and able to take on an important leadership role in insuring that economic empowerment comes to pass.

The Associate Business Member Profile


Associate Business Members includes newer, growing and start-up enterprises which may be corporately or individually owed.  Many of these Associate Business Members may be working for someone else while building their enterprises. Although, these businesses could potentially be a side gig, this membership is NOT for those who are trying things out or are not exactly sure how to proceed.  These individuals must be proficient in their crafts and able to uphold the quality standards of The Nubian Network. Rest assured, every Platinum and Executive Business Member started here and paid heavy dues to get to where they are now.  (If you are simply trying something new or still figuring it out, please see Business Listings).

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    Associate Business Members include start-up and growing business enterprises, home-based businesses, the part-timer with a business service, mobile services, on-line businesses and even the dabbler. The one thing that all of these members will have in common will be the display of professionalism. If the business is not a full-time enterprise, then this business enterprise will most likely fit into this category.

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    Associate Business Members include individuals like musicians and DJ’s, part-time handymen, graphic or website designers, caterers, freelance writers and bloggers, massage therapists, piano teachers, photographers, mobile notaries, artists, cosmetics salespersons, little league team owners, weekend mechanics and even individuals who give golf lessons. These services can be offered full or part time, but Associate Business Members will be where they say, when they say and be able to provide the service that they say!!!!

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    Associate Business Members would have years of professional experience and have a fully developed plan for business development and growth. Most importantly, these members will most likely work by appointment or be project- or event-based, yet all services and products will still meet The Nubian Network‘s guidelines for professionalism, timeliness and integrity. Associate Business Members will be able to understand the urgency and necessity to take our community and collective economic power to the next level.

The Professional Member Profile


Professional Membership exists for two primary reasons. 1) Consumers, businesses or government entities may be in search of a professional for a particular contract opportunity. Professionals in this national searchable database will include those in the top of their fields which will be available to those in search of various professionals. 2) Sometimes businesses, entertainment or production networks, educational institutions, government and public entities can’t ever seem to “find any qualified candidates” to fill jobs or contracts. Our database of professionals will be used to proactively present qualified candidates to those entities so that these professionals can easily “ be found.”

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    Professional Members include individuals who are considered professionals in the top of their respective fields and are extremely and exceptionally qualified. Professional Members may or may not necessarily be business owners.  However, Professional Members will certainly be certified, educated, licensed and/or qualified to provide services in their names.  They may also be employed by someone else and are looking for other employment with no desire to become a business owner themselves.

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    Professional Members are licensed individuals (lawyers, judges, engineers, architects, real estate professionals, doctors/medical professionals, certified public accountants, therapists, counselors, project managers, pilots, etc.) and those with special training, education or certification (college professors, IT professionals, business consultants, tax preparers, professional writers/editors, wedding planners, movie or music producers, personal trainers, human resource professionals, construction professionals, financial planners, etc.)

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    As with other memberships, Professional Members will be able to understand the urgency and necessity to take our community and collective economic power to the next level and are willing to do their part in making sure that it comes to fruition.

The General Member Profile


Since The Nubian Network didn’t want to leave anybody out who wanted to be pay an important role in economically building our community, General Membership was created for those who don’t have a business and don’t fit the profile for a professional membership.  Therefore, as a consumer who obtains a General Membership, these individuals will ensure that they have a major role in the historic way of life.

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    General Members are basically consumer members who believe in the vision and mission of The Nubian Network and will do their part by infusing dollars into The Nubian Network for the circulation of black dollars. General Members will be excited to support our business and professional members, and will receive personal satisfaction knowing that they are helping build our communities.

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    The Nubian Network not only has expectations of business and professional members to be professional and trustworthy, but General Members are expected to be faithful, honest and kind customers. The goal for the General Member will be to make honest attempts to utilize the services and products offered by Nubian Network members first before going outside of the Network because they know that those entities are committed to the overall mission.

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    With membership, General Members will enjoy access to member-only discounts, special offerings and benefits. As with other memberships, General Members will understand the urgency and necessity to take our community and collective economic power to the next level, and will be the most important member because of the pure demonstrated commitment to the overall Mission.

The Business Listing


Not everyone is at a point to be able to guarantee the required high-quality products and or services nor be able to ensure first-class customer service. It would be wise to build and grow your business and gain experience prior to joining to protect your reputation and future relationship with The Nubian Network. Also some simply do not wish to make the commitment or want to take the responsibility of membership.

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    Sometimes, it may take many, many years of dues payment before a quality entity can take off and become stable and income-producing.  Additionally, sometimes businesses have to try several variations of products and services before they find what works for them.  We fully understand this; so entities can be listed even if they are not ready to become full-fledged members while they build their enterprises.

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    Many time, a business can do really well if they can just get that need exposure and make their products and/or services known to their target market. These individuals do not partake in member benefits, but can take advantage of the added exposure from being listed with high-quality Nubian Network businesses.

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    To be listed, we must ensure that entites:

    • are legitimate, high-quality and reputable and are qualified to do what is professed
    • are committed to quality and professionalism – now and over the course of time
    • do not have a history of or will ever take advantage of consumers or our members through fraud, deception, misrepresentation or simply bad service